Patins Blancs Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125

CHF 299.-
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SkatePro Fitness Sac à dos
SkatePro Fitness Sac à dos
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CHF 21.65
Semelle basse Sidas 3Feet
Semelle basse Sidas 3Feet
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Une platine courte et seulement 3 roues, rend un patin ultra contrôlable construit pour un patinage urbain et longue portée. Cela est en outre assurée par l'utilisation de roues de 125mm. Il dispose d'un cuff 1-pièce et la coque de soutien. Le confortable MyFit Fat Boy liner est entièrement modelable à chaleur. Cliquez ici pour voir une description détaillée

Livré avec un système de montage de platine de 165mm X-slot, qui est un cadre Unity One Piece. Caractéristiques : roues Powerslide Megacruiser et roulements ABEC 9 .


Diamètre des roues:
Dureté des roues:
Base de la roue:
Types de botte:
Dur, Moulable à la chaleur
Matériau de la platine:
Aluminium, 6000 Series
Retirable, Ventilé, Absorbeur de choc, Heat moldable, 3-layer
Laçage, 2x Micro-adjustment buckles
Précision des roulements:
Type de platine:
Fully adjustable, Plate
Diamètre maximum de la roue:
Matière de la botte:
Fibre de verre, Composite
Chausson :
Filet anti-transpiration, Mousse, Microfiber
Stable, Haut support latéral
Recommandé pour %s:
Freestyle skating


I actually bought 2 pairs. One for me and one for my daughter. We finally got the right sizes. Had to send one of the pairs back but skatePro happily exchanged. When 1st trying the skates it appeared the centre of gravity was completely off compared to my traditional inlines. For me the back wheel is just sticking out too much which was preventing me to turn, spin and transition between moves, making me look very unstable, however, it's easily fixed. Use the allen keys (or torx key) provided in the box to remove the rear wheel so you can then access the mounting bolts for the wheel frame/truck. Loosen them off and you can readjust the frame by up to 1.5cm in every direction. We have moved the wheels forward which has made manoeuvrability excellent. I'm now very pleased with these skates. I find they're breeding confidence and inspiring me to do more. Also very quick so make sure you're good at stopping before you let rip down the road on them.
Stephen Abel (Banbury)
Note: 5 sur 5!
Great skates! My first pair of tri-skates so still getting used to them, they're a bit more difficult to manoeuvre especially at low speeds but you learn different techniques to get around that! Really happy I got these!
J. Sheridan (Chandlers Ford)
Note: 5 sur 5!