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Shorts G-Form Pro XShorts Charcoal

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Shorts Compression G-form breuvetés. Ils protègent des impacts, dans les zones les plus exposées. Les Pro Xshorts Charcoal sont constitués d'une peau de chamois de haute qualité. La finesse de ce short donne une sensation de liberté à son utilisateur. Convient à tous types de sports extrêmes.

Mesures de la taille:
S: 66 - 76cm
M: 76 - 89cm
L: 89 - 101.5cm
XL: 101.5 – 117cm


Ice skating is when I wear them. They are extremely comfortable and seem to be well made (as is to be expected given the price). Fortunately I've not yet tested their protective functionality, although that day can't be far off!! Prior to an actual test I reckon the hip protection is very good. The tail bone pad is probably OK but the last time I went on my back (prior to purchase) the impact area was wider then the pad - out to most of the flat area of my lower back/pelvis. Plus on other occasions I've bumped down on to my bum. Hence maybe adding a couple of padded areas to the buttock area would make them more effective for all types of fall.
Mr Laurie Hinds (Woodford Green)
Note: 4 sur 5!