SkiGo Elite Pole 100% Carbon

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Skigo Touring Gants
Skigo Touring Gants
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SkiGo Pole Handles Race
SkiGo Pole Handles Race
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This 100% carbonfibre pole is very light and very stiff. It comes with the cork racing handle and racing strap. The basket is excellent on soft and hard tracks. The smooth swing weight provides great control when skiing diagonal or with skating techniques.

Handle straps size follows the lenght of the ski pole:

Up to 140cm ► Size S (Small) Strap
145cm - 155cm ► Size M (Medium) Strap
From 160cm ► Size L (Large) Strap
Raw is in total (without grip) 195cm - Cut it in the preferred length and then glue the grip on.

Also this pole i popular to use with the Thorax plugs for indoor training.


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