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On this page you can find roller ski bindings from big brands like Salomon and Rottefella. Read along and learn more about how to choose the right bindings that will fit your specific needs.

Roller ski bindings – two styles

Just like you know it from cross country, there also exist two styles within rollerskiing – classic and skating style. The two big manufacturers Rottefella (NNN-system) and Salomon (SNS and Prolink system) offer roller ski bindings for classic and skating.

Since rollerskiing is a sport that derived from cross country skiing, it used to be, and still is to some degree, normal to use the same equipment as for snow. However, equipment specifically made to meet the rollerskier's needs have started to grow more and more today.

Safety – difference between roller ski bindings and cross country bindings

One of the differences between rollerskiing and cross country is that there is typically another kind of friction between the surface and equipment – asphalt vs. snow. This is why not all cross country bindings are suitable for roller skis and, therefore, some roller ski bindings come with extra mounting holes.

Apart from this, roller ski bindings do not use auto-click-on-systems a


You can get roller ski bindings produced in plastic and carbon. In general, bindings for rollerskis differ from bindings for cross country skis by being harder – especially when they are made of plastic.

Compatibility between roller ski bindings and roller ski boots

When choosing a binding, it is important, apart from the style you wish to drive, that it is compatible with your boots. Read the following to learn more about how to choose compatible equipment:

  • Rottefella NNN bindings (both classic and skating) are compatible with boots that have Rottefella NNN outer sole and Salomon Prolink outer sole.
  • Salomon SNS skate bindings are compatible with boots that have Salomon Skate SNS outer sole.
  • Salomon SNS Classic bindings are compatible with boots that have Salomon Classic SNS outer sole.
  • Salomon Prolink bindings are compatible with boots that have Salomon Prolink outer sole as well as Rottefella NNN outer sole (Do NOT fit Salomon SNS-boots).