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Sure-Grip Rollerskates

California Rear Brake Rollschuh Stopper

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This rear brake for side-by-side skates provides you with a more effective brake, due to the larger braking area. Fits all SureGrip frames and the Supreme Turbo 33 Nylon frame. (Not the alu frame).

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Having moved from inlines to quads, I prefer a rear brake to the conventional front stopper. I tried a rear bracket with the standard round stopper, but found it pretty ineffective. The California rear brake is much better and stops fast. It activates with fairly minimal toe lift and has a large surface to make contact with the ground. I was worried it might interfere with dance moves, particularly spins, grape-vine etc, but it seems sufficiently tucked out of the way not to do so. I can't comment on durability yet though.
Edward M. (London)
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