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Fila Bremsklotz 2

CHF 7.-*
(ohne MwSt)
Fila Inliner
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Extra Bremsklotz für Fila Inline Skates. Passt auf alle neueren Fila Skates


Great deal, fast delivery, enjoyed to deal with you. Thank you
Rysina Marina (Munich)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!
Lieferung ok!
Franz Wiegele (Fistritz/Gail)
Bewertung: 4 von 5!
sehr schnell, genau und unproblematisch, danke!
Andrey Polyakov (Weissenbach an der triesting)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!
very good the product. Excellent delivery. thank you
Jozef Tuchewicz (BALLYMONEY)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!
Excellent delivery from SkatePro but very poor quality of the product - one single trip of 50 km in finnish rural area and the brake pad can not be used anymore. I have also K2 and Rolleblade skates - and not similar problems with the brake pad. I do not buy Fila skates anymore - too expensive to skate compared to better ones like K2 and Rollerblade.
Markku Tuovinen (Tampere)
Bewertung: 1 von 5!
The product is the right one,original spare from Fila and perfectly fitting,delivery was very fast. Only note:Please add english selection also for site: as is in .net web site
Claudio Stuppi (Hyvinkää)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!